[Game] Agar.io:A mini cell world war!


This is an online multi-player game. The elements and art only contains circle and text, but believe it or not, you will addict to this game after playing!

There are many players will "fight for country". But it just a game, so don't use ugly words like "XXX dog"、"Back to XXX"、"Fxxk the XXX"...

Image: Resist North and South Korea !?

[Game] Agar.io

Game Settings

"Show mass" is the most useful in all options, while it only shows self's mass, but means a lot.

1. Dark Theme:Just for "Feeling".
2. No Names:You can turn off all names if you don't want to see some ugly names.
3. No Colors:All cells will become black and white.
4. No Skins:No flags and images, only color.
5. Show mass:Show your cell's mass by digits.

[Game] Agar.io

Game Control

1. Move your mouse to control your cell's move direction.
2. Space:Split.
3. W: Eject some mass(Usually for team work or speed up)

[Game] Agar.io

About Cell Size

By eating continuously, your cell will become bigger and bigger. But the cell has basic consume, when your cell's mass larger than 500, the consume will become obviously. If you don't try to eat more food, the cell's mass will get smaller. ( Checked "Show mass" in settings )

1. Bigger = Slower
2. Bigger = Larger view
3. Bigger = More safe

[Game] Agar.io

About Cell Split

You can press "Space" to split your cell, from 1 to 2, 2 to 4...and so on. Your cell's mass must larger than around 36 to split.

1. More cells = Larger view
2. More cells = Smaller
3. More cells = More unsafe

To conclusion:Unit for saving, split for escape!

Image:Split small cells pricked by a stabbing cell.

[Game] Agar.io

How to eat:Find one half-size of your cell

While the rule is bigger eat smaller, but the smaller one move faster, so you will eat nothing by chasing the smaller one.

So, eat other cells by splitting your cell! Split will speed up your smaller sub-cell, for eating or escaping purpose. But it take about 20~30 seconds to unit again, be careful in this unsafe period.

Image:A big bonus situation!

[Game] Agar.io

About Stabbing Cell

It is easy for a much bigger cell to eat you, as long as he/she wants. So for the game balance, there are some stabbing cells in the world. It's all right if your cell only "touched" the stabbing cell from edges, but over the boundaries, the stabbing cells will force your cell to make a big split! For smaller cells, stabbing cells is a good barrier to escape from those big cells.

Image:The best situation is you can go through these stabbing cells, and other big cells just can't.

Agar - 18


The game will record your top score in this round.

Steady Playing Guide

Earlier stage: Grow up by eating particles, avoid the battlefield.

[Game] Agar.io

Late stage: Eat smaller balls by chance.

[Game] Agar.io

Situation: A big cell don't want play

Sometimes you will find out a big cell stop moving, and you still can't eat him. But you can wait stabbing cells! If it is big enough, there's a big chance that stabbing cell will appear inside the big cell, you can quick get bigger if you catch this moment.


After Top1...

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