[Game] Agar.io:The game mechanisms & skills you don’t know!

Game Mechanisms


1. Blog:The smallest
2. Cell:You are a cell!
3. Virus:The green stabbing cell

The mechanisms you don't know

1. Change skin

Apply a skin from Official Website
The upload skin must according to official rules: handwriting, put in imgur.com, and no begging XD

Also, you can change your skin by entering login name that appear in Skin List

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2. Cell is losing mass relation to their size, big cell will loss mass faster.(Check "Show Mass" in Setting)

3. Highscore is your cell's max mass in current play.

4. You must be about 1.25 times bigger than other cell to eat them.

5. By feeding a virus 7~12 times, you can generate another virus!

6. Ejecting mass will loss about 10% of current.

7. Cell can split into 16 pieces. ( Maximum )

8. Virus won't force you to split every times, the more pieces you have, the less probability.

9. Cell level

Mass 32:Cell can split
Mass 150:Feeding a virus 7 time to generate another virus
Mass 1900:Loss about 20 mass/second
Mass 12500:Maximum mass

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