[Facebook] Gif support & upload space

How to use?

Just paste gif url to your wall!
Try this one!

How to create?

There are many tools, you can reference this article:

Online gif creator
Giphy:Youtube、Vimeo、Vine, video to gif!

Where to upload?

There are famous platform like Flickr、Imgur、Tumblr、Google+… that’s try out each service!


Giphy can easily transfer videos to gif from Youtube, Vimeo & Vine platforms online! But the video length can’t longer than 15 minutes. You can share to facebook after creating.




Flickr is a famous platform for many professional photographer. But most of them upload static images, is that means flickr doesn’t support gif format?

In fact, you can choose origin size by download button option. Show your origin image and copy the url to facebook!

Facebook Gif

You can click edit button to modify url. Be sure the url is ended with .gif!

Facebook Gif


Imgur is also a popular photo platform. It not only support GIF format, but allows you to search funny GIF images in the world.

You can copy origin image url after uploading your GIF.

Facebook Gif

But seems Facebook doesn’t recognize the GIF from Imgur site.

Facebook Gif


Thumblr is a slight blog platform, like Twitter. Users can upload GIF here.

Facebook Gif

The result after uploading GIF images.

Facebook Gif

Google +

Google Plus is a Twitter, Messanger, Social Forum, Skype! So of course it supports GIF format!

Facebook Gif

Facebook Gif

Result of succession

Facebook Gif

That’s paste some interesting GIF images!

Facebook Gif


1. Be sure paste your url ending with .gif!
2. Flickr, Thumblr, Google+ can be your choice for uploading GIF.
3. Facebook doesn’t support upload GIF image directly, and the link can’t work in your fans page!

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